MeNellie Confirms Chris Had More Hard Drives Seized

It was first confirmed by Trev from our chat, that the real reason Chris had to go out and buy a new pc, was because the Police had been to Anna’s recently and seized more computers from the premises.

Of course, Chris being the truth telling, law abiding citizen, denied this and claimed that “he spilled his beer on to the pc and had to bin it” as reported HERE

But you could tell he was lying, and his new found friend again Nellie, accidentally on purpose let it out on a  Skype call to Chris on the 14th September, the night before his due date in Court.

As i said in the previous post, i believed Chris when he said they didn’t take it for the CP charges, but for something else.

I may be wrong of course, but there was just something about the way he said it that made me believe him.

So if they didn’t seize it for the CP, just what else has Chris been up to that would make the Police want to take his new stuff?

Things aren’t looking good for him right now, are they?













4 Thoughts to “MeNellie Confirms Chris Had More Hard Drives Seized”

  1. dude

    isn`t it a pity mr shitty 🙂

  2. MarkingDarren

    Darren lee Sayward foaming at the mouth
    desperate trying to divert from his own abusive past
    yes Darren you shall be in a prison cell like the Picture,feeling so relevant
    and important are you now
    we shall never forget or stop seeking your exposure and shame

    1. 666666

      Seems to me you are the one trying to divert attention away from Shitty by making allegations against someone else.

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