Chris While: I’m Going To Kill Myself (Not Really) UPDATED

Before any of you panic, don’t worry, this is Chris we are talking about here. The funny thing is, i was only talking to the Maze in PM chat a couple of days ago, and i was saying how something has changed big time regarding Chris’ behaviour lately, and how it would appear somebody has told him that no, he’s not going to get away with this crime like he has all the others, and he’s clearly cracking under the pressure.

And i said i fully expect him to pull out every stunt in the book to try and wriggle his way out of going to prison. The first thing i told the Maze, was to expect a few fake suicide attempts, or to feign a serious illness.

And as predictable as Chris is, it only took two days before his emotional mind games began.

UPDATE: The Before and after videos now added.

A night couldn’t go by without Chris wanting to punch me in the face again lol. Or anybody from UKM for that matter.

The weird thing is, one minute he was fine, then out of nowhere, he just stops talking, pauses for a bit, then starts talking about demons lol.

I was just about to leave his cast and go for a look around Vaughn at the time, so glad i didn’t now LOL.

Then he cheers up again, only to suddenly go off on one again, when he claims Ruby has blocked him from her Facebook.

Which then brings us to this:

After realising his attention seeking stunt hadn’t quite had the effect he had hoped for, Chris does what he always does, and switched back to a rage attack.

Warning: The Following Content Contains Material Not Suitable For Under 18’s Or Those Easily Offended:

Click on show to view video and hide to close it again.


Well he finally got the attention he wanted, and the staff closed his stream down for the night.

As much as some people were falling for this debacle, it was obvious from the beginning he was never going to kill himself.

For a start, watch when gets on the table. No rope or anything in his hand, so just what was he going to hang himself with?

Two, watch his legs when he does get on the table. No movement at all. He basically just stood on top of his desk and said “i’m going to kill myself”

Well unless he was planning to stand there and go on hunger strike for a few weeks, how exactly was his life going to end.

This will become a frequent act with Chris as the 13th November gets nearer, mark my words.

He is doing all this on cam, knowing we will be recording it and posting it, in the hope that the Courts will watch and feel sorry for him and not jail him.

Nothing but pure manipulation!

Sadly for Chris though, if i realised it was all fake as i was watching it, he certainly won’t fool the CPS or trained Psychiatrists.

So he can pull all the stunts in the world, but thankfully, it looks like justice is finally going to catch up with him.









2 Thoughts to “Chris While: I’m Going To Kill Myself (Not Really) UPDATED”

  1. LetsRapeSisters

    Gosh for a guy with CP he sure has a tremendous amount of balance. I couldnt even do all that shit he just did.

  2. Jimbob

    Chris is a selfish bastid. There are so many kiddie fiddlers locked up who would love to be in chris’ shittypants enjoying freedom while it lasts.

    The porn bit was pretty fake it. Straight porn??? coooome on. That’s as fake as a gay person playing straight porn to prove a point. The least he could have done was play some of his kiddie porn for the admins and go out with a bang.

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