A Night With Jimmy Rizzo

I think Ryderbak being back on the scene is bringing the best out of Jimmy. I know he said he’s trying to get away from the Rizzo reputation, but a quiet, polite, AcidMax is nowhere near as much fun as our Roger-deeing, cup of tea drinking, bi-polar Jimbob.

Neh neh, neh -neh!

“GG is a fucking fat…lovely person” LOL

This is why i love Rizzo. He just tells it as it is, regardless of who it upsets.

And lets not forget he educates us simple peasants too. I mean, all these years we have lived thinking that Halloween was on the 5th November?

He’s just brilliant!






One Thought to “A Night With Jimmy Rizzo”

  1. The_Maze

    Rizzo can be a dick at times, but re what he said about Ryderbak/Simon and the drink driving he was spot on re what he said, lives get wrecked through this, its a selfish act to get in a car and drive when you know your over the limit. Peoples lives can get changed forever through car crashes, being knocked down through no fault of there own, except the drink driver.

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