Mark And Scruffy Tell Jackielee How To Cast

A couple of times i’ve been asked why i don’t stop, or even ban people from here when they argue in the chat.

Well, two reasons really.

1) Everybody has a right to their opinion.

2) As an adult, i wouldn’t patronise other grown men/women and tell them they have to all get along, like i’m some teacher in high school.

It’s a fact of life, that some people just won’t see eye to eye with others. And if adults get offended by what others think of them, then maybe the internet is not for them.

So when i watched Mark and Scruffy tell Jackielee who she can and can’t Mod in her own channel, it was like being back at school (or Scuttlebutts)

So now VL comes with an instruction manual on how to set up your cast, who you can and can’t Mod, and who you should let speak.

Good God!

If the Vaughn’s had an ounce of business sense, they could probably be earning at least 4-5 times what they do now.

One day, it will all come crashing down around them, and when it does, maybe then they will have the time to sit back and think of what could of been.

I mean, when any sane person say’s that Gayboy is the ideal Mod, it’s time to call it a day!

As Jim Bowen used to say, “look what you could of had”









4 Thoughts to “Mark And Scruffy Tell Jackielee How To Cast”

  1. YallRNutsLOL

    What ever happened to “If you don’t like a certain cast, don’t go in”? Howard and Jessica(Warfacegamer) sure do cry alot in that video. Actually TheEdgeof8 told Jessica if she went in Jacks cast, she would de-mod her. Guess thats why she hid under another name. It’s Jacks cast, let him do his own thing… don’t like it? Stay out. Seems simple to me,

  2. Theo

    Nauseating glad handing horseshit…in short Vaughn Live.

  3. Daz

    Vaughn Live is cancer


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