Chris While: UKM Wins Again

I genuinely believe that Chris has been told by somebody, whether it be his Barrister, or friends/family, that he is going to prison for his child porn charges.

I’ve noticed, his arrogance has faltered lately. Gone are the ” let’s just get this shit out of the way and then party” brags. Gone are ” i’m not going to jail baby’s”.

Now, he looks like a nervous wreck. So something has obviously changed.

But as usual, nothing is ever his fault!

This all started when Ruby aka Grimreapess posted that she loved drama.

But this is just typical Chris lately. On edge, always snapping over the slightest thing.

Just before i started recording, and i know i have no proof, but trust me, i don’t lie, Chris said, and i quote ” ukmuppets have ruined everything for me”

Well, if we made you download child porn for two months, and lets not forget that he well may have continued downloading it had the Police not caught him, then yes, we have ruined everything for you.

If, we made you attack your Mother, and be arrested and taken to Court, then yes, we have ruined everything for you.

And if we made you go and steal your neighbours mail and speakers, and made you waste a Gasman’s time which resulted in another arrest, then yes, we have ruined everything for you.

Or, could it be, that nobody made you do any of those things, and you, as usual, are just refusing to accept any responsibility for what you do?

If you listen at around the 49 second mark, you will hear him say ” i apologised, and i couldn’t do anything to take the cunts down”

But like i have said over and over Chris, we only report what you do, with video evidence as proof. So sorry Chris, when you asked your Barrister could he take this blog down, i expect he said something like “sorry, not lawfully”

You can hate me, call me every name under the sun, but it will never hide the facts of what you, and you only, have done.

And judging by his recent behaviour, maybe, just maybe, this is the time he finally gets to pay for his crimes, once and for all!








18 Thoughts to “Chris While: UKM Wins Again”

  1. dude

    lock mr blobby up!

  2. The_Maze

    He can give all the pity speeches he wants, he is just playing up to the camera, Trying to get people to feel sorry for him, how many times have we seen it.
    Face up to what YOU did chris, yes YOU no one else.
    always blaming everyone else when YOU do something wrong, then wanting people to feel sorry for you.
    You downloaded the child porn cat A B C. So save your fake tears and pity act for the courts.

  3. Peter Sissons

    Just got in from work and that was fucking lovely, I bloody enjoyed that.

    Cheered me right up that did.

    P.S. Who the fuck does that fat mess Ruby think she is, she’s calling us sick while hanging around a vile little Cunt who downloaded child porn, oh and lets not forget him telling her 12 year old daughter to fucking kill herself.

  4. RUBY

    Once again WRONG i didnt say i love drama i was being sarcastic to WACKY WAYNES COMMENT in your box saying i love the drama smfh … FALSE FLAG EVERYONE lets get alex jones on the case!

    1. Ruby, are you well?

      “once again WRONG i didn’t say i love drama”


      And i suppose you are going to say that you just being “SARCASTIC” didn’t set Chris off?

      Or am i lying again?

      1. RUBY

        Are you actually dumb , ok let me put this in a way you will understand , A,B,C, no seriously , SHOULD have worded it differently , wayne wrote in your chat box ‘RUBY LOVES THE FUCKING DRAMA’ so i posted in chris chat what was being said and pointing out your ‘friends’ <questionable , lies and make beleive in their heads , they should work in disneyland or something they really do like making shit up about people like im 56 im 43 dude you dense cunt get your brain checked if you talk about me at least make it the truth come on? And NO karl i didnt mean YOU were lying.

    2. WayneFromWestLondon

      you’re lying again pedo loving ruby. it was maze who said it look back in the chatbox. … The_Maze: Ruby loves the drama

  5. “I can’t take those videos down”… what’s videos is he referring to? Is there new evidence that he has let slip?

    1. I”m wondering that too, he only had images right? Did the most recent raid find videos now?

  6. Just keep getting drunk Chris, none of this is real if you stay drunk enough

  7. WayneFromWestLondon

    shitty is always blaming ukm. everything shitty does is on a public streaming site and he knows he’s being recorded.
    nobody held a gun to shitty’s head and made him download kiddy porn or pound his pecker on cam or make a complete ass of himself.
    just man up and take responsibility for your own actions.

    End Of Story.

  8. Trevor's

    If you listen he says something like “I didn’t mean to share those videos”.

    So he’s downloaded videos as well as pictures?… And who did he share them with?… Menellie?… Ruby?… Brian?

    Did they find these videos on the latest computer that was seized?

    1. When you use any file sharing program like limewire as you download the song you are also sharing it with others. If you keep it running and it’s in the download folder others can download the song from you. Same with Chris’ CP, some cop was searching for it and got it off chris’ pc. This probably happened multiple times over a few months. The cops then know this is no mistake and go arrest him. Cops routinely use these programs to see who has it. When someone is arrested here the newspaper article says how they were caught. The cops contact the prosecutor and tell them we’re going to be downloading CP to see if we can catch someone, he gives the OK and their fishing begins. When they find an IP in the country they contact their local police and send them the evidence. I’m sure this is what happened to Chris. Because chris had likely done this many times in the past he felt comfortable doing it again. Remember each time he breaks his PC he has to download it again.

      1. That’s what i’m thinking too. If, and it is a big if at this stage, that is whats happened, then that just dismisses his already outrageous “i did it to get a move” bullshit excuse, because it means he’s been downloading and sharing them at his Mams.

        Of course, this is only speculation at the moment, but it would certainly make sense as to why he had his i3 seized and would make sense of what he meant by “i didn’t mean to share those videos”

        The only thing that’s making me doubt it, is surely, if they found he’s been downloading more filth, surely to god they would of released him on conditional bail and told him he’s banned from the internet pending the Court case?

        Roll on the 13th November, when hopefully, all will be revealed.

        1. In the US they use limewire mostly according to the newspaper, that’s the program you see over and over. Chris told Menellie what program he used, Menellie said it was some Russian file sharing application. Why? Because in Chris’ mind he felt he wouldn’t be caught because only Russians would be sharing files and he’s out of their legal reach. What Chris doesn’t know is that these file sharing programs all connect to the same ………. network or something. Same network just different interface. Chris was trying not to be caught.

  9. Mr Blobby

    roll on roll on!

  10. WayneFromWestLondon

    karl, shitty is now saying he has to wear a ankle monitor and can’t go out after 10pm.

    this shitty saga is getting weirder by the day… come’on nov 13th

  11. paul walker

    ruby is disgusting shes in a shitty place like chris she doesnt know any better its sad she cant see it

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