Katiekaboom: I Just Wanted To Look Pretty

This is probably one of the most awkward posts i’ve ever done.

At first i’m thinking ‘oh Katie, why, why, why’

But then when you hear her talk, i hear a woman who’s confidence is ultra low, and who, in my opinion, didn’t really want to dress like that.

It’s sad when people feel so low about themselves. For me personally, and everybody has their own opinions, but i would find a woman a lot more attractive if they aren’t over trying.

I’ve never been one for women who wear make up ( or lots of it anyway) as i like to see what i’m getting before i try, so to speak, so covering themselves in make up and trying to push their boobs in your face so much it looks painful for them, doesn’t do it for me at all.

If she looked comfortable and sounded confident with dressing like that, i would say go girl, but was that really the talk and body language of somebody feeling sexy?

Sometimes less is more, and if Katie genuinely feels more relaxed and happier with no make up and her boobs away, then that’s how she should cast.

If people want to perv over big tits popping out, let them watch GG, or Monkeysniffer.








2 Thoughts to “Katiekaboom: I Just Wanted To Look Pretty”

  1. jimbob

    a black woman with drooping tits all pushed up like that could pull that look off without a hitch. Like you said Karl, she’s not enthusiatic dressing like that and makes Jed come off like a scumbag pimping off his wife.

  2. Huw Edwards

    Jed makes her dress like that, it’s fucking obvious. He used to get her to dress even worse than that when they were scamming people out of their money on Vaughnlive. I think it’s more than that though, I think Jed probably gets turned on by it. There’s a good chance that they are probably swingers and that is a swingers party that I would want no part of.

    Katie I’m sorry, but pretty you do not look. If I’m being honest you look like a Manatee that someone has slapped some lipstick onto and squeezed into a tight top.

    Wear something that is more fitting to a lady of your shape.

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