Chris While – You Spin Me Right Round…

Just like Steptoe and Son, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, especially if your name is Chris While.  If he’s not finding his treasures in skips, he finds them amongst the piles of sh*t he’s got stored in his bedroom.

And just to prove it, watch as he somehow salvages what’s left of a half smashed turntable and a random hifi speaker.

Could you just imagine if Chris had lived his dream and been a mobile DJ? Every function room would end up another Grenfell Tower!

And if he miraculously survived the night without causing a blaze, you would only end up hearing half the song you requested lol.

Still, nothing a good slap wouldn’t fix (i am talking about the record deck by the way) 😉

One thing that did make me laugh from last nights cast, was Chris’ trip down memory lane, with some old classic clips from the days when he wasn’t a nasty, vile, pervert.

Watch as you notice that each clip shows just how much weight he’s put on over the last few years. He goes from a Richard Swann look alike in clip one, to looking more like me in the Psy video 🙂

There you have it, living proof that Chris did once have a bath 🙂













One Thought to “Chris While – You Spin Me Right Round…”

  1. The_Maze

    Steptoes bed is cleaner than chris’s . All that infested skip clutter in his bed room no wonder his mam wont put sheets on the moldy bed

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