Cherrybreeze: My Sex With David Sponheim

As we only have Zoe’s word for this, we have to say this is only an allegation, and as unstable as Zoe can be, we suggest you take it as just that.

But she seems to have very vivid memories of her alleged Skype sex with potentially America’s next President.

If a piece of leggo is wide, i’m hung like a scaffolding pole 🙂

(Disclaimer:  The last claim may not be 100% accurate)










One Thought to “Cherrybreeze: My Sex With David Sponheim”

  1. Ladylaura

    She needs to just get dentures or teeth implants. She has a pretty face and a slim nice body, but with rotten teeth she is just a hag. She’s also nuts, some medication would do her wonders.

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