It’s Official: Chris Pleads Guilty!

Just an official update on the Chris while CP saga.

Chris finally turned up at Preston Crown Court today, Monday 13th November 2017 to enter a plea.

After talking the Courts myself, it was confirmed that Chris pleaded guilty to all four charges and is due back at Preston Crown Court on Monday 11th December 2017 where he will be sentenced.

More info available here:

There are some conflicting reports doing the rounds that Chris received a suspended sentence. This is 100% false, as he hasn’t been sentenced yet, and won’t be for another month.

I do wonder though, what are the four charges he pleaded guilty too?

I should of asked the Courts to be honest, but maybe some of you out there can shed light on this for me?


And just before we wrap this up for now, i can’t wait for Ruby to show her face again lololol.

He got caught with the CP, he’s admitted it all and pleaded guilty. The only thing left to question, is what sentence he will be handed.

So come on Ruby, you was quick enough to shoot your big mouth off at us for daring to say Chris is a Paedophile. Now he’s officially admitted to it all, please return and tell us if you are still “with him”.

I predict she will go in to hiding now.
















7 Thoughts to “It’s Official: Chris Pleads Guilty!”



    1. By the winds of allah – nope!

    2. MeNellie


  2. Mr Blobby

    chris will be hanged in january that is all.

  3. Babs

    Just before Christmas Lol

  4. Cory

    If chris had any sense he would inform his solicitor and the police about how nellie showed him how to obtain them images and also nellie viewed them with him according to nellie, So why is nellie getting away with all this as well, After all nellie has said and done, Nellie has also used christopher in some areas, nellie is someone who needs looking into nelson dyer, That is why you befriended chris to see if he mentioned you, you was worried your doors was going to be kicked in.

  5. ChicagoKnight

    First Chris and God willing, Adambro will be next.

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