What Better Way To Say Au Revoir?

…than to reminisce with some of the old school casters, remembering arguably, the most entertaining one of all time.

I’ve been wanting to scrape together another post for weeks. But whenever i do look for anything remotely interesting, i find it’s easier learning Mandarin, while under the influence of a gram of Manchester’s finest Spice.

But then, just as with Donald Trump, a gift from God appeared, in the form of RenegadeFaith, Ryderbak, Babs, and Kelzy.

The right place, at the right time, and the right finale…

He turned out to be a nasty, vile, pervert, but nobody can deny, he was entertainment back in the day.

There were many others over the years, Warrbuck, FoxmanShawn, Joe Walsh, and who can forget the brilliantly insane iamSonchild?

But now, we are left with just music stations or snowflakes that ban you if you don’t agree with them.

So for me, it’s done now. This place will never close, and now Christmas and New Year is out of the way, i will go back to day one and replace any missing video’s that may have gone.

But for me to sit here and spend hours recording and editing video’s and making posts, it will be very rare. The fun has gone out of for me, and there is much more entertaining things going on in real life at the moment.

Maybe one day social casting will come alive again, or there may be a one off big story to cover again, but until then, it’s time to move on and enjoy other things in life.

Like i said earlier, i will eventually replace all missing video’s so people will always be able to come back and remember the good times whenever they wish.

But for now, i’ll wish you all a happy new year, and would like to say thanks for the laughs we’ve had on this journey (and there’s been many) and may God bless Trump, the French, and each and everyone of you.

Take care and stay safe!










3 Thoughts to “What Better Way To Say Au Revoir?”

  1. 666666

    It used to be fun but as you said the easily offended snowflakes of today just cannot handle a troll. I am not talking about a nasty troll but the ones who were fun and make a cast great. I used to troll the trolls and I loved it, those days are now long gone and sadly I don’t think they will ever return. Shows you how much I go on social media now I have only just seen this post.

    Take care all you good people and trolls, the snowflakes can just fuck off to their safe spaces and cry their eyes out, you people have ruined a source of great entertainment. Well done morons.

  2. IP

    yeah man it got ruined when cops were being called over the smallest of shit. the good days were having a few witty guests talk shit and you go toe to toe with them with intelligble banter. unfortunately now it’s either 100 percent PC or IM GONNA RUIN YOUR LIFE kinda trolls and there is no balanc ein between for some fun

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