jStevieo: First Question?

If you listen to what some people say about this website, you could be forgiven for thinking that we don’t post any facts, only lies.

One of the people that are known for making this claim is jStevieo.

So in the public interest, we are going to show you some video’s about a person that looks, sounds, and even acts just like Stephen Orr, but isn’t really him.

So for clarity, we will refer to him as the jStevieo lookalike.

Now one thing we can’t be accused of, is denying somebody the right to reply regarding any posts we make on here.

So after our recent story where Lardo claimed Stevie had a Police visit during an Ivlog cast, JSO decided it would be a good idea to come to Ivlog to reveal just why he didn’t turn up to Lardo’s Sunday YouTube re-run to explain in more detail.

But just before we do, let’s enjoy some humour as Stevie talks about how we are just a gossip site. (isn’t that basically what a social casting blog is?)

Isn’t he just comedy gold?

Just watch his casts and apart from the odd moan about Trump or world politics, his whole cast is talking about other casters or Irelands Patriot or Babs. Oh, and me of course.

Anyway, lets be as honest and as open as we can be, and play the recording of a man who looks like, talks like, and acts like jStevieo, discuss why he failed to turn up to Lardo’s Sunday afternoon show.

He’s just brilliant isn’t he?

He claims he hasn’t read anything on here, doesn’t know anything about the MeNellie drama, knows nothing about the Lardo video, but then goes on to talk about me saying ‘they were probably talking about his drug addiction more than they were discussing IP and ourselves”

But then it just turned bizarre when he played the recording that was so low and muffled, mixed with a foreign language, that it was useless, and claimed the Police officer’s first question was “first question”.

Now i don’t know about how the Dutch Police work, but over here in the UK, the Police only come to your home if either:

a) They are investigating a complaint against you, or;

b) You have called them.

And i have yet to know an officer turn up at my home for either of the above cases and sit down and say “first question!?

So they are questioning Stevie then?

Like i said, maybe the Dutch Police work differently than from here, but from past experience, they would knock at my door and either say ” hello, you called us about blah blah” or ” we’d like to ask you some questions, can we come in”

Now with that in mind, and Lardo’s claim that Stevie was said to have replied with “now is not a good time” and Stevie’s own admission that the officer is allegedly saying “first question” makes me think he didn’t call them?

I mean, imagine yourself calling the Police about some internet terrorist in Ireland, the cops turn up, and you then say “now’s not a good time” despite the fact you are just sitting there broadcasting online?

Stink of bullshit?

But then again, this is all a lie because that’s not jStevieo. It can’t be, because then it would be factual, no?

And talking of somebody who looks like, sounds like, and acts like jStevieo, listen as he explains how the Dutch Police, probably the drug capital of Europe, don’t come to peoples homes to discuss drug issues.

Oh, and did i tell you he’s also half cast?


Do you get the feeling Bruce or whoever it was triggered him?







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  1. AssenAvenger

    isn’t this the geezer that said he would swear in court that christopher while was innocent of all pedophilia charges? he went queit after that. i wonder why he wanted to cover up for a pedophile. ive seen this bloke be weird with women and men alike

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