Lardo: Is JStevieo Full Of Sh*t?

I think anybody who has the slightest inkling of any sense and who has watched Jstevieo knows that there is more truth in man landing on the moon than there is coming out of Stevie’s lips.

We’ve highlighted so many of his lies, idle threats, and verbal nonsense that his casts these days attract about 5 or 6 people if that.

So when Lardo joined his room yesterday and witnessed the Police turn up, Stevie’s translation of what was said wouldn’t be questioned would it?

Now lets look at this realistically.

According to Lardo, the Police turned up half way through Stevies cast, and when Stevie opened the door and let them in (why would you even do that?) he tried to fob them off by saying now isn’t a good time to talk, can we do it tomorrow.

Then, when according to Lardo, they refused to leave and wanted to speak now, he was told they were there to discuss IP and the blogs.

Notice how Lardo is now doing a Michelle Stacy and only referring  to them as ‘the other blog’ lol.

Anyway, lets put some reality back in to this.

They were speaking in Dutch the whole time.

So Lardo only knows what Stevie told him.

If, and i mean if, they were there to talk about IP and UKM, then surely Stevie would of wanted to have that discussion on cam, so he could brag about how the Police are coming after us?

Why did he try and get rid of them till the next day?

Why did he not turn up to Lardo’s cast to explain everything that happened?

I have a good theory.

Could it be because he’s so full of shit it’s unreal!

Even Lardo knows this, hence the ‘maybe he fell off his moped’ haha.

Now, let me explain to you why even though several Police forces and even Crown Courts have, and still do visit this place, absolutely nothing has ever been brought against us.


Legalese is the language of the BAR Society. It’s a secret language that looks, sounds, and is often spelled the same as everyday English.

Only the same words you use everyday, that are spelled the same way and pronounced the same way, have TOTALLY different meanings to the BAR society (City of London).

Any Solicitor visiting here will read our posts and instantly drop any interest in any potential case they were thinking of bringing against us.


Because they know that it wouldn’t even get past the paperwork stage of any Court case.

This is why despite so many people allegedly going to the Police about our posts, the only single contact we’ve ever had with any Police force or any Court is when they asked for the footage of Chris While boasting about skipping Court.

Have they ever, just once even, asked us to remove any content?

Not once.

So i think i can safely agree with Lardo here.

They were probably talking about his drug addiction more than they were discussing IP and ourselves.








2 Thoughts to “Lardo: Is JStevieo Full Of Sh*t?”

  1. The Watchers

    I’m Begining to think Jstevio has Mentle health issues, when he was trolling Chris While, I noticed how exited he got and all giddy with himself. He also make some really insane claims he knows Certain Terroists organisations, and he has rubbed shoulders with Gangsters. Now anyone in the right mind would keep quite if they knew certain Terroists Organisations, Jstevio your mind has been frazzled

  2. DrugsAreBad

    Police don’t come talk to you about drug addiction.

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