MeNellie: You’ll Never Take Me Down

Not something you’ll often hear me say this, but yes, i 100 per cent agree with MeNellie.

This is a post in the chat from Nellie recently:

And Wayne was also spot on here.

We can’t take anybody down. And for the record, have no intention of taking anybody down. Only they themselves can do that.

Cue the response to the latest post:

Nellie realised that i could be watching, so muted the rest of the Discord call, and that was that.

But notice how Nellie is blaming Rizzo for his new found buddies disowning him?

I suppose it will be our fault too.

Only problem is, i don’t recall Rizzo or ourselves forcing or coercing MeNellie to cam up and say he wants to have sex with 13 year old girls, or blackmailing him in to publicly broadcasting that he prefers to kiss children rather than men.

But just like Chris, it’s always somebody else’s fault. They are always the victim.

This is nothing new with MeNellie though.

As Gregg pointed out, this is not just a recent ‘give me attention’ stunt by Nelly:

That was a post we made in June 2015.

See how this is a worrying trend?







3 Thoughts to “MeNellie: You’ll Never Take Me Down”

  1. RUBY

    FINALLY karl FINALLY what ive known for 10 fucking years and everyone ignored is coming out THANK YOU. nothing is ever what it seems and REAL deviants hide there evil sick sides very well , nellie is a sly manipulating vile man and has been projecting his ways on to many others for a long time , NELLIE ENJOY YOUR PEDO STATUS , I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SAME TREATMENT YOU HAVE BROUGHT ON MANY OTHERS , did you actually think jimmy was your friend? fkmewithachainsaw you fake overdosetaking benefit scrounging fuckallwrong with you leech on society , i just hope and pray one day people actually find the true extent of what you are . #KARMA

    1. Bruce

      Ruby coaches her daughter to manipulate older men for money. Sick mams like her that keep deviants like nellie okie dokey

  2. Bruce are you either stupid or very uneducated individual the face you claim menellie is okey dokey concerns me .. have you not even read all of the posts reguarding mr Menellie .. hold on unless your menellie himself under yet another fake account name ..

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