MeNellie: Don’t Mention The UKM

Now that our summer is fading away quicker than VaughnLive’s viewers, it’s time to get back to watching some casts again.

Swapping the glorious sunshine for Ivlog is not quite the deal of the century, but hey ho, maybe miracles do happen, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get something worth posting again?

So when i logged in to see somebody post a message in the chat claiming Nellie and Rizzo were fighting again, it was worth a new tab just to see what was going on.

Well, sadly, there was not a lot actually!

No fighting, or at least not when i got there. But there was a point when Rizzo was on Discord, telling his new YouTube IRL streaming friends to come and check out this place, to find some of the posts we have done on him over the years.

Nothing wrong with that you may think.

Hmm, not in the eyes of MeNellie though.

Listen as Rizzo asks Nellie to post the link to this place in the Discord chat.

You would almost think Nellie doesn’t want the YT community to learn about his past.

Can’t for a second think why?

It wouldn’t be because he doesn’t want the IRL streamers to know about this would it?

Or this perhaps?

Now for those of you who struggle to understand the Scottish accent, i’ll translate what was said.

Ryderbak: “Nellie, would you rather have sex with a child or an adult?”

MeNellie:  ” an adult. I’ve been there before, so i would rather an adult”

Hmm. Been there before. Was he talking about sex with a child, or something different?

Only Nellie can verify that.

But let’s move on to the last bit.

Ryderbak: ” you’d kiss a guy wouldn’t ya?”

MeNellie:  ” it doesn’t feel the same, it feels really awkward. I prefer kissing a child.”

Of course, Nellie will come out and say something along the lines of ‘i was just looking for drama’ etc…

But the more you watch this guy, the more of a child loving predator he comes across.

So you can see just why he really didn’t want his new YouTube/Twitch streaming friends to come and have a look around here 🙂

Oh, one more thing, apparently he is going to get his legal team to contact us if we post this.






6 Thoughts to “MeNellie: Don’t Mention The UKM”

  1. Legal Team

    Hello Mr You Kay Muppet,

    I am Legal Team, friend of esteemed M. E. Nelly of Scots Land, United Kingdoms. I am to be contacting you regarding postings of publicly available informations published by Mr. M. E. Nelly of his own free will. Please verify your PIN number to access many bank accounts located in Nigeria and available only to you due to exception of Tax Law in my country. In return, I accept forty percent of your account, records of which you will forward upon receipt of this LEGALLY BINDING comment. This communication is made from my desk.


    Legal Team, Esq.

  2. Chris Hanson @ Dateline NBC

    I wonder if the police station near nellie’s flat would like those videos?.

  3. Chris Hanson

    Mr.Daita why don’t you take a seat over there…

  4. John g

    I’ve heard this guy. Apparently he’s as dodgy as they come. Steals things, opportunist, one individual to avoide. I also agree he has a very creepy attitude towards children

  5. John g

    I’m going to email them to child protection. He stays in possil park glasgow. I believe in a block of high rise flats. I doubt he would be hard to track down

  6. Mr Glasgow

    Rumours are circulating Glasgow that Nelson Dyer’s flat in Possilpark Glasgow (westercommon) has been raided with various hard drives seized! Nelson has been charged with Child Porn. I would to state these are just rumours. Can anyone confirm?

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