MichelleStacy: The Lie After Lie Continues

I honestly think she is mentally unstable. Apart from Adambro, i’ve never seen anybody tell so many lies, especially in a situation where she must know she’s going to get caught out.

Here are a couple of classic MS lies from the last week or two:


Then of course, there was the classic Shawnio dox, which she denied was her till she was blue in the face. Watch as she almost says Heroin addict, then backtracks.

Michellestacy still drug dealing

Another corker was this one from the other night.

ms and warrr lies

She is hilarious. This is what really happened in WarrrBucks cast:

And she cant say she wasn’t aware at the time, because she was in Scuttle’s chatbox when a few people posted the link and said Warrr is raging about her.

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