Wabbz Banned – Wabbz Confused

It often gets me, that people say nasty, often crude things about a websites’s owner(s) and then act all surprised when they get banned.

Personally, names don’t bother me in the least, but i think a viewer made an excellent point the other day. They explained what would happen if you, for instance, went on to your local supermarket, found something in there that you didn’t like, then in front of everyone, started shouting that the manager is a piece of shit, or has sex with their daughter/son etc.

You would be banned and never allowed to use that store again. So what’s different about Vaughn?

People use the excuse that it’s not good business to ban for personal insults. Does not every shop/supermarket want your business? Would they still allow you to call the manager a paedo or tell him /her you wish they would die?

No, they wouldn’t. You can put your complaint about how they run their business to them in a respectable way and they should listen, but once you start with vile insults and death wishes, then it’s not good business sense to still want you.


Wabbz banned from vaughn 2

Wabbz banned from vaughn 3

Wabbz banned from vaughn 4

Wabbz, i’ve seen several posts where you have insulted both Mark and Scruffy, so you can’t really expect everything to be ok just because of one time you didn’t?

It just wouldn’t make good business sense.


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