The Quieter You Become – The More You Hear

Those of you that used Backtrack 5, which is now Kali Linux, will recognise that as their slogan. But how true it is. I often get asked why i don’t sign in rooms and say hello etc. It’s not me being ignorant, it’s just that to see a person for who they really are, you have to be invisible.

What you will see happens with Shawnio a lot, for instance, as soon as he signs in as Letsstalk, people attitudes change completely. Some will become aggressive or abusive, others like _PBJ_ for instance, will suddenly act all nice and sweet. in fear of him ripping her to shreds on the blog lol.

So to avoid this, i find it’s best to just sit back, stay ‘invisible’ and watch and learn.

Take jSteveo here, in front of MichelleStacy and all, he claims that he pulled Ryderbak about calling his wife an Egyptian Dummy or something similar:


JStevio lies about Ryderbak

Hmm, that’s strange. As when i was watching jSteveo’s cast the other day, Ryderbak logged in under a different name and told jSteveo that it was him, and asked could he unban him.

Which he did. Once Simon could log back in, jSteveo said ” i must admit, you did make me laugh with the mummy thing” to which Simon replied “yeah i did say that…but you called me loads of names too”

And from there, the show continued. I just wish i had screencapped it all, but i WAS  there, lurking, so remember guy’s, if you are going to lie and make up bullshit…

Always be aware,

Somebody will be watching 😉

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  1. lol. completely missed this post.

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