SexyChris: Entrepreneur In The Making

He might be good at swindling money out of AngelStormee, but how good is he at buying and selling?

Lets take a look, as he sells his washing machine, and has set his target of wanting £100, but is willing to negotiate, and may accept £80, but definitely no lower.

Hmm, he’s not quite at Richard Branson level just yet is he. But it was a pretty bad day for Chris all round, as earlier in the day, he had to explain to his Mum about WHY FoxmanShawn owes him money lol.


And just to round his day off, he spent £23 of his washing machine money on a litre of Smirnoff, then knocked the bottle off, with it half full, and it smashed all over the floor.


Oh well, tomorrows another day 🙂



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