Ryan’s Blog: Some Helpful Tips

Ryan, Classic 80’s has now opened his own Blog, where he is on a one man mission to exterminate ScuttleButts, and ourselves.

Now i wish Ryan luck with it, i really do, but i’m going to give you some tips, that will help you keep your Blog up.

1) Always do your research, as to what you can say, and what you can’t. Already, you’ve cocked up just on the post about us:  http://www.scuttletards.blogspot.com/2015/09/ukmuppets-another-blog-full-of-lies-and.html

The Title alone could get you shut down for Libel. You state this Blog, is FULL OF LIES AND HATE Now, unless you can prove that this site is Full of lies and hate, then that is Libel. Now considering you won’t be able to  prove a single lie on the whole site, proving it’s full is impossible.We are not going to report you, but if you start Libeling other sites, then there is a chance you will find the Blog gone!

2) Make sure you understand the difference between accusing, and opinion. Another piece from the same post mentions this link

That, is opinion. Something that is very Lawful, and everybody is entitled to use. Now if i posted ‘Freestyleradio Steals A T-Shirt’ and couldn’t prove it, that would be Libelous. Giving my opinion on how he dresses, is perfectly acceptable, despite you not liking it.

3) Familiarize yourself with the difference in reporting facts, and hate speech. If every time we show people lying, being abusive, or stealing etc, we were guilty of hate speech, then there wouldn’t be a single Newspaper left in the World.

Now think about what you are saying. There is a very good reason that we haven’t had one single, official complaint since we have been up. Despite Richard Swann allegedly reporting us to the Police, the DWP, the Council and god knows whatever other effort he’s made and failed into silencing us, we have never EVER had as much as an email from any of them.

Why? Because there is absolutely nothing Illegal or Libelous on this site, as i’m sure the Police would of told him. So he has to just sit there and get mad because he failed.

So remember, make sure you word everything correctly, provide facts to everything, unless it’s just your opinion of course, and for Gods sake, don’t let Richard Swann write for you, you seen the way we humiliated his last effort didn’t you?

I have nothing against you Ryan, yes, you are annoying as hell, but i also know you suffer with Mental issues, so i sincerely do hope your Blog is a success and it keeps you busy.

Then ScuttleButts and ourselves won’t have to spend wasted hours a day replying to all your comments LOL.

Seriously though, good luck with it.


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12 Thoughts to “Ryan’s Blog: Some Helpful Tips”

  1. Ryan

    You are full of lies and hate on this blog. You have made accusations that people from the UKInvasion doxed someone, and you have provided zero evidence. You’ve been invited to give your side of the story many times. As for hate, yes you also promote that and my blog proves it. So, if you’d like to report my blog go ahead. I thought you’d maybe start to have a conversation and explain yourself, but guess not.

    1. Dude, you haven’t read what i posted have you? I said we WONT be reporting you, but as much as you may think your morales will save you, they wont.

      I have explained to you several times that it’s impossible to show a screencap of a dox, without revealing the name. Now you might be struggling to understand that, but there’;s nothing i can do about that.

      1. Ryan

        It’s NOT impossible – let me explain ONCE AGAIN. If dox are dropped in a chat, there will be certain things you can reveal which will not reveal who the person being doxed is. For example, if you leave only a city or country showing, or lines before or after the one with the dox in it, then it proves they were malicious. It seems to you that you think I’m trying to OBTAIN someone’s dox and therefore either your paranoia about me getting the dox keeps you from coming forward OR it’s a 2nd possibility – the possibility you’re fabricating it all. So, LAST CHANCE. I don’t care if you keep ‘within the laws of the UK’, you will be judged by your peers for how you treat others. It’s NOT okay to bully someone, call them names, etc – even if it’s not TECHNICALLY against the law. Just because you can be an asshole, doesn’t mean you ever SHOULD.

        1. Last chance, wtf lolol. Look, you are not going to get me to dox my friends, no matter how hard you cry about. If i’m fabricating it, then tell the girls to take Legal action against me. I have EVERY video, post, screencap and doxing regarding the girls saved on 2 hard drives. I will happily comply with any Court order against me.

          Oh, another tip i forgot to give, STOP CONTRADICTING YOURSELF ffs lol quote” its’ NOT ok to bully someone, call them names etc” says the same man who said MichelleStacy is a piece of shit, and accuses Raveman of being a pervert without any hard evidence.

          Now go and do some blogging ffs, i’m busy working with sensible people 🙂

          1. Ryan

            You just don’t get it. LAST CHANCE meant your last chance to be honest. It wasn’t any kind of threat. You seem very set in your ways from dealing with some very bad people online, people who would want to hurt you personally. I don’t know where any of this comes from. I didn’t ask you to give out personal information, I asked you to provide proof of an accusation. For example, if I say to someone that YOU are not very nice in how you treat others – I can show posts on your blog PROVING IT. You seem to only care about following your UK laws, not any kind of morality. If you would like evidence on Raveman, I’ll give it to you. As for evidence on MichelleStacy, you even have it in your blog so that’s not necessary. I don’t make accusations without hard evidence. You DO. This is the last communication I’ll give you, because it’s impossible to get through to you. I was hoping you’d see “oh shit, I’ve been an asshole”, and change.

  2. Ryan

    We’re not talking about legalities of laws written and in effect in different countries, etc. We’re talking about MORALITY. Treating your fellow man with respect, which I do. You are guilty of being hurtful, abusive, condescending, manipulative, accusatory without proof, etc. We’re not trying to EXTERMINATE any blog on my blog. We’re trying to EDUCATE on those to stay away from, because they and you will exploit vulnerabilities and be ruthless in how others are treated.

    If you would like to only follow written laws on the books and have no morals, that is your right – but it’s also my right to expose it.

  3. Ryan

    Well, this is the third time I’ve tried commenting – it would appear you have censored me now and will not allow me to comment. So I guess you ARE like Scuttlebutt’s blog in suppressing the truth 🙂

    MORALITY is different than LEGALITY. Remember that. People who have no morals need to be pointed out.

  4. Ryan

    Okay, so once again your website’s long ping times and slow responses from North America have caused me to post multiple times. Might want to get that looked into. Ping times into 200ms is not normal.

  5. Sean

    Ryan needs to put his armbands and getback to the shallow end. Swimmibg with sharks wont end well for him

    1. Ryan

      I don’t even know what to say IP. Is this a threat? Are you worried I will post about you being rude to others?

  6. Ok, lets live by Ryans rules just for this comment. Ryan, show me evidence that the comment from Sean is Irelands Patriot, or it confirms you are making false accusations 🙂

    1. Ok, looks like Ryan is making false accusations. We’ve asked him to show us evidence that the person called Sean, is the same Sean that is Irelands Patriot, but he can’t. Hey Ryan, like i said earlier, choose your words carefully buddy 😉

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