Clips Of The Week Ending 29-05-2016

Things really are quiet on the casting scene these days. But still, there were a few moments of lulz or madness that took place over the last 7 days.


Mark is STILL Blaming Everybody Else But Himself:

Mark - Vapers lies

Yeah yeah, of course it was. I mean, it’s not like we didn’t watch it all unfold is it 😉

It’s not just Vaper-Gate that Mark was telling fibs about either. His sites were once again playing up, but we all know it couldn’t possibly be his fault….

Mark blames datacentre again

Mark must be the unluckiest server customer in the World. He allegedly pays thousands upon thousands of Dollars per month, to a company, that by his claims, has regular outages.

Or could it be, there is nothing wrong with the Datacenter at all, it’s just Mark desperately (and failing) to add some of the new features that VIP have been paying for, for months, and still haven’t received, and cocking up his sites?

IamSonchild: I’m Going To Live On A Boat

Anita narrowboat

And to get her prepared for the non stop social life of living on the waters, Queen Anita was in practice the other morning…

Just imagine Anita drinking Frosty Jacks all day long, while being in charge of her Narrowboat…


Nedrauk Lives Dangerously

Nedrauk - living dangerously

Probably The Best Photoshop Ever.

Whoever made this should win a medal. Yes, it’s a bit naughty, but its the best quality shop i’ve seen in a long time

To View, click on the ‘show’ link. Warning, contains nudity and sexual acts and not suitable for under 18’s.



RealmanPwns Lifehacks Part One.

When you get caught in the rain without your brolly…

Realmanpwns with boot on head

Use your boot!

The man is a genius. SexyChris, over to you…. The VaughnLive Troll Rehab?

Mark is often talking about this particular website, where all the banned casters from VaughnLive go, and i think we found it!

Vapers on has Rizzo

Ah yes, Get banned from VaughnLive, no problem, go to troll rehab and cast on a dead site until the Vaughns get desperate, and allow you back on the main site.

Mark was right you know, that site really does exist 😉

Anita: MeNellie Is My Favourite Drunk!

He’s not had the best of weeks when it comes to PR, but at least MeNellie has one supporter still.

Sonchild -  MeNellie is a drunk

I think Queen Anita IV is harbouring deep desires about Glaswegian high rise flats and bathing in litre’s of Frosty Jacks…

And there we have it. Till next week, take care, be safe, and always remember, there really is somebody worse off than you 😉

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