The Truth Behind The No Pat Talk

I think most of us already knew that all this ‘new look’ ScuttlebuttsCorner was based on lies. After years of harassing Pat and his wife, doxxing them, and stalking an old man around every website he went to, were we really supposed to believe that overnight, they just became ‘bored’ of it as MonkeySniffer claimed?

Of course not!

It was just we had no proof to make an official post about it.

But then, just like the time when i captured jStevieO making IRA death threats to Irelands Patriot, the morons took their eye of the ball, and thinking they were only being watched by their fellow cronies, they all but confirmed our suspicions.

The REAL reason they are now leaving Pat (United American) alone, is blurted out by Lardo and confirmed by fat Daniel, aka Monkeysniffer.

*Full Credit To WhirlWind For The Following Footage:

There are two videos, the first one with commentary by Whirlwind and the second part is where Mark and Scruffy have their say.

Whirlwind duped them in to believing he was Oma (Hellallday)

There you have it. The real reason they suddenly decided Pat was no longer to be talked about, wasn’t because he had become ‘boring’, it was indeed, because something has them scared stiff.

When you watch these back again, you get the impression that they have not been warned against harassing other people, as Lardo clearly states…” we need some new victims”

So they have obviously been warned about harassing Pat only. Did Pat get Lawyers on to them?

“I need to protect the blog” ~ Fat Daniel, aka Monkeysniffer.

But wait, hasn’t Lardo spent the last few months claiming that now they own their domain, nobody can shut them down again?

” Yes or go an make a Chatango account somewhere else” ~ Fat Daniel, aka Monkeysniffer.

Which explains why they suddenly dumped the Crap-Chat and opened up a new account. But the hilarious thing about that is, they left behind all their last actions of owning the Crap-Chat (including their IP addresses) in the Moderation logs 🙂

As Whirlwind rightly say’s ” they are dumber than a bag of rocks”

Lardo even says himself, ” make a new Chatango and you can do what you want to Pat”

As long as, it’s not on their blog and they can’t be held responsible.


*Courtesy Of Dude:

It all makes sense now. All the projecting they have been doing over the last year or so. First, their claim that this place is run by and is for Paedophiles, when all the time, both Scuttlebutt and Monkeysniffer have been proven to be following young teens, one even 12, on And lets not forget about Lardo’s recent claim that if you have sex with a 15yr old, you are not a Paedophile (yet didn’t they all slaughter Warrrbuck, calling him a Paedo when he said he fingered a 15yr old?)

And let’s not forget their recent claims that WE are all under investigation. Once again, projecting.

I think, that they know they are all being watched, hence Monkeysniffer telling even his closest friends, that ” a decision was made today – the POINT is NO more pat talk…the end!”

Oh they are running scared alright, petrified!

And how we are laughing. Can you imagine when all this harassment of what they are doing to IP hits the fan?

They will be hiding under tables every time there is a knock at their door 🙂

And some would say, that’s KARMA!

ps: No wonder Daniel is raging at Whirlwind, they have been duped yet AGAIN lol.

Still trying to lie their way out of it, even when busted LOL.












3 Thoughts to “The Truth Behind The No Pat Talk”

  1. Babs

    Lulz. They fell right into the trap Outstanding. #TooEasy

  2. dude

    brillant post karl they admitted it and still try to deny it lol,these guys are dumber than a bag of rocks.

  3. Daz

    These fucking idiots love to incriminate themselves! Did you catch the part where Lardo admits to calling a 17 year old cute? Lardo basically called a minor cute! I think it was about 11 mins into the first video. I’m gonna rip if later.

    Also did you see the fear in Lardo’s face when he was talking about the said minor getting two years for texting her boyfriend to kill himself? It’s like the reality of what he’s been doing hit him right between the eyes. LOL

    I really hope someone hands this video of Lardo’s confessions to the police. Lardo and MonkeySniffer need to be investigated. There’s an army of people against them now, it’s only a matter of time before they close that blog, mark my words.

    Scuttlebutt and Roper have gone into hiding, they know this is serious.

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