Hardwood: I Wish Scruffy And Lardo All The Best

It seems everyone is talking about the news we brought you the other day, about Scruffy and her “I’m dying” confession.

So when Rizzo called in to say hi to Hardwood over at Ivlog last night, it was obvious which topic would come up eventually.

And with Scruffy in Rizzo’s cast, listening to the Hardwood stream via Jimmy, he was sure to be compassionate right?

Ok, maybe not.

Would i be jumping the gun in thinking that Hardwood will now be in the ‘Foxman, Joe Walsh, Chris While’ bracket of people that will be excluded from the possible unban-all coming up on Vaughnlive?

Scruffy stated last night, that she want’s to do an unban-all, with the exception of Joe Walsh, FoxmanShawn, Ryderbak, and obviously, Chris While.

I think you can safely add Hardwood to that list now 🙂






One Thought to “Hardwood: I Wish Scruffy And Lardo All The Best”

  1. poor scruffy getting hit pretty hard being the douche canoe she is lol.

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