Jackielee: Hardwood Is A Satanist

I can’t work out whether she is trolling here, or if she is losing her mind?

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Hardwood, a Satanist?


I’ve often said that some people take the Internet too seriously. You have to live two lives, your real one, and your Internet one.

When you power down your computer/tablet/mobile, then everything that has happened in that time should be closed too.

Once you let your Internet life become part of your ‘real’ life, you are doomed.

You will end up like Lardo or Monkeysniffer.

But the way Jackie was talking there, it’s as if Hardwood has got so far in to her head, that it’s eating away at her brain. The way she describes him as “Satan” and “the Devil” is like she is obsessed.

The funny thing is though, Hardwood has stated many times he has no problem with Jackie. So it looks like those nasty guest trolls have been hard at work again, instigating t’internet wars 🙂

But seriously, saying that Gayboy crossed over to Satan just by being in Hardwood’s casts would be a funny troll.

IF she didn’t really mean it!












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  1. LadyLaura

    On this blog, where Babs stalked Chris throughout his problems in court and his criminal activity, to see a statement about getting a life… it’s laughable. Obsessing over a person you know only online and following him in real life through a court battle shows you have no life

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