Freestyleradio1 Paranoia Case #287…

Guests, viewers with no profile picture, viewers with names they don’t happen to care for that day, Soultrain, DJ Boo, Angie2013, SwAx1, anyone who enters the cast and and say’s ‘are you from the uk’….just a few things that bring out the anxiety, sweaty hands and lip biting in the cult otherwise known as UK Invasion.

But now it appears Facebook sets off alarm bells…

Could it be they are blaming Facebook for allowing their nasty, often cruel mocking of other casters and even their families, to be exposed???

Yep, sounds about right with these guy’s. There is a song sang by Man Utd fans which is aimed at Liverpool supporters that goes by the words of ‘Alway’s the victims, it’s never your fault’

If ever a saying is more appropriate for these UK failure’s, i’m yet to come across it 😉

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