When You Try To Convince Everyone That You’re Not Bothered…

..and FAIL miserably. Yep, our dear old friends that are UK Invasion try to convince each other and the 6 other people watching, that this blog doesn’t bother them and they love being blogged about 🙂

It starts off with borefest’s JTV cast on Sunday, after realising nobody is interested in what tripe he’s trying to entertain you with this week (hell, even itsKrissyyy buggered off half way through) he starts to desperately get Dicky to Skype in to talk about Boxing:

No answer, so he leaves it a bit longer:

This time, the beast that is NorthernMonkey gives us a 15 minute special on his Boxing knowledge, this is hilarious hehe:


So nearly 14 mins of talk about the blog, but hey, their ‘not bovvered’

2 Thoughts to “When You Try To Convince Everyone That You’re Not Bothered…”

  1. So he comes on to talk boxing,,,haha then a few seconds later he's talking about Soultrain, Eeeeeeee

  2. Yeah but yeah but…their not bovvered

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