Worst Account Hack Attempt Ever….

Is this the worst attempt at hacking people’s password’s in order to access their Vaughn account ever?
All off a sudden, Soultrain, DJ Griff, Angie2013, M3JNS and others woke to find an E-mail from Vaughnlive, confirming they had asked for a change in their password’s.

What the Gimp who had requested it had forgotten though, is that the E-mail you get gives the IP of the person who requested it.

Ah, but they would of used a VPN surely i hear you ask!…well not this retard, the same IP came back on all requests….what a weapon 🙂

A quick research and it comes back to an address in Coventry UK. It has since been reported to their ISP Virgin Media.

Happy New Year 🙂






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One Thought to “Worst Account Hack Attempt Ever….”

  1. Naughty Naughty, got the IP wrote down as well

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