A Sight That Even Africans Would Cry At…

You go through life witnessing some disturbing and distressing scenes, some worse than others, but could anything be more insomnia causing than this:

                                                                wearing one of these:

Good lord, as horrific as it sounds, fear not, our spotted Dick is thinking of giving his away:

Don’t know about the Aficans, but if it fits him, it’s almost sure to be too small for any starving Africans. Although one person did seem quite excited about seeing Richard in a mankini:

Starting to seriously worry about our John now, especially when following that, he decides to change his id colour to:

I think that’s as far as we can go with this one, the thought of Dicky boy in a mankini and John having delightful fantasies about skin tight leggings.

One Thought to “A Sight That Even Africans Would Cry At…”

  1. Haha, so Rich claims he has never wore it, okayyyyy.

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