Hope Or Delusion…

There’s nothing more to admire in life than a positive outlook, you know, glass half full and all that, but there are those that have that belief in themselves, when everyone else around them know’s that pigs will fly before certain things are realistically gonna happen.

Well good old fairy feet, Enemy_within is convinced that after crawling back to Jtv, yes, Jtv, the same platform he swore blind to Pebbles that he would never frequent again a few years back, that once people realise he’s back every Sunday, that people are going to ‘pile in’ again..

Ah, but he has been casting back on Jtv for ages now remember 😉 so just how long does he expect it will take? Well, after his defiant speech, i took a look at how many viewers were watching this amazing cast:

Oops, oh well, these things take time right? I mean, it’s not like he’s only just gone back has he, away man, he’s been casting on there for months like…which is utter bullshit by the way, i’ll explain that another time, but when your cast consists of NorthernFookinMonkey and his clueless, totally retarded knowledge of just about anything you ask him, then you have got Ryan, obsessed with thought’s of having sex with dogs, i wouldn’t hold out too much hope of that viewing figure ever increasing much i’m afraid.

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