Dickies Mental Health Deteriorate’s…

At an alarming rate . It’s hardly confidential information amongst the casting community that his IQ matches his BMI, but just lately he’s been ‘erratic’ at best. From hiding his cast’s from everyone, to being paranoid of everyone who isn’t Tom, Shez or John, to thinking he’s casting on Uvaughn (whatever that is)

But under his new name Crytrain on Vaughnlive, he really is becoming scarily unstable, this guy needs to stop reading this blog, it’s destroying his mind.

If you follow this blog on a regular basis, or even catch his casts (there is one on here from JTV with Enema_within) you will see that only he uses that phrase ‘our Jeffrey Dahmer’…so yeah Dicky, it kind of gives it away who it is lol, hence why he deleted that post (not before i captured it though)

But the next post is the sign of someone on drugs or alcohol, or with some serious mental problems.

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