Walking On Water, Turning Water Into Wine, Feeding the 5000…

All examples of so called miracles, but nobody seem’s to mention the fact that Freestyleradio1 can help the deaf here music again…i sh*t you not:

Yes, there it is, taken from John’s website, a disco for the deaf. Is that not a bit like taking a blind person to view the Northern Lights? I mean, damn. that’s gotta be the easiest gig on earth, just turn your lights on , shove any old mix cd on and sit down till last orders. It’s not like they are gonna ask for requests now is it.

Anyway, lets see what other skills our man John has.

Yeah, don’t you just hate dj’s that talk all over the songs 😉

Anybody know of any of these stations? Well there you have it, this guy should be awarded an OBE for working with the disabled, no wonder Dicky, Tom, Shez and Ryan are his closest friends.

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