The Dover Dumbo Is Back…

With a new idea on how to improve Uvlog:

Well, actually, it’s not his idea, but anyway, lets see what else this gorp has to improve the site.
Oh dear, he’s confused already. I mean, why on earth would he want 8 cohosts, does he not know that Tom, Rich, Shez and John only comes to 4?
So he wants Mark to code 8 cohosts, then let people hide them, so it looks like there is not 8 cohosts, you know, a bit like it is now…this dudes a genius. Although he has kind of figured that a casting site that appeals to as many people as possible would be a good idea 🙂
 You just know that when Mark explained the technicalities of it all, Ryan sat back and realised he’s just wasted 30 mins of everyone’s time.

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