Tom Wants You To Fund His… (cough) Yep, that’s right, what kind of ‘work’ he does that needs your cash, i can’t quite work out. But anyway, here’s his begging notice:

So he wants you to give him your cash to allow him to continue to do a Sunday broadcast on a free casting site. He claims that the money will help him with equipment upgrades, now maybe i’m missing something here, but does he really need more webcams, just to read out stories he gets from reading websites from the comfort of his own home…just like you could do yourself?
He also states it will go towards ‘site maintenance’ which translates to pay for his hosting, when he could quite easily host it for free.
I think my favourite bit is where he states it will help with his travel expenses, hmmm, just how much does it cost to go from the fridge to your pc? Oh wait, he went to Bilderberg in 2013 and camped out with dozens of other conspiracy obsessed nutters
Genuine or a scam? Only you can decide, but the next time he starts to slate the likes of Frank Taylor, kindly remind him of his ‘donation’ needs 🙂

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