Ryan And His Dummy Throwing Pt 2…

Yep, the Dover Eminem wannabe is still crying to Mark or Miss Scruffy, or anyone who will listen:

I love the pity party quote from Mark lol. You see Ryan, nobody gives two flying fooks about if you report a channel that’s not breaking any Vaughn T&C;’s.

I admire the way you conveniently don’t mention anything about Shez fooking about with everyones password, or you and NorthernMonkey making up Vaughn accounts in Soultrains and Boo’s childrens names, or NorthernMonkey openly admitting on Vaughn that he has an obsession with Soultrains teenage daughter?

No, that’s right, always the victims.

3 Thoughts to “Ryan And His Dummy Throwing Pt 2…”

  1. Is this CKA Ryan right in the Head….. someone get him a Baby grow and a Dummy, he might settle down then.

  2. lol, what on earth is this retard on about ' we showed a site violation of a link he had up which he has now removed and just wrote it so it's not a link' lolol, does he not realise that Mark or Lynn can go through the archives and see if any 'violation' has taken place? This guy's hurting so much it's actually hilarious 🙂

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