Shez Returns For The 4th Time…

According to his channel, he is returning back to Vaughn soon.

Still blowing his own trumpet i see 🙂 But this is gonna be interesting, as Dicky was only saying on Ivlog the other day that he would never return to ‘Yawnlive’ as he called it. Tom also said similar when asked by Andy during his 10 min test on Ivlog the same day.

It’s no surprise that Shez is going back to Vaughn, there is nothing else out there to cast on. You have Ivlog, which is, to be blunt, awful! It looks like someone has just dumped a big screen in the middle of a template and said ‘there, cast away’ Also the fact people were saying everyone is holding out for Ivlog to open, seems to have been wrong, everytime i take a look over there, there is about 6 channels running, and most of those are just people who are banned from Vaughn.

There is also Uvlog, while being a good design and at least having someone running it who knows what he’s doing, still can’t attract casters, i mean for all the good points about Uvlog, this is your average line up day after day.

Yep, dead as a dodo, so if you want viewers, then there is only Vaughn out there at the moment. But the interesting thing about all this is, will his ‘mates’ especially Tom and Rich, make themselves look like hypocrites again and return to Vaughn in support of one of their own, or stand by their principles and desert their hero on his big return…hmmm, this gonna be good 🙂

Either way, be sure we will have it all covered.

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