17,134 years and Ryan’s Still Not Happy

This guy must be pissing Mark from Uvlog right off now. Now bare in mind that he hardly ever casts, and when he does, he doesn’t go on cam, doesn’t speak, in fact, does absolutely nothing.

But he’s still mithering the life out of poor Mark on a regular basis. Here we see him asking for the the password to be extended up to 16 characters:

Now according to my excellent talent when it comes to mathematics ( or just google it) the time it would take for somebody to crack a 12 character password is 17, 134 years according to this

So yeah, can see why he wants it longer lol. But not just longer password’s, oh no, our once a month caster has a few more demands:

Mark Scott, we feel for ya bro…..


2 Thoughts to “17,134 years and Ryan’s Still Not Happy”

  1. Just what has Ryan ( if that really is his name) got to hide, he don't speak, doesn't go on cam and he wants to hide even more. Ummm

  2. He's a weird one is Ryan, bet he doesn't have a single friend in real life, in case they get to see his face.

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