Krissy Can’t Breathe, Stop Eating, Or Stop The Baby Crying

Welcome to NorthernMonkey’s missus. Here you have itsKrissy, all 420 pounds of her. Notice how throughout she can barely breathe, yet it doesn’t stop her scoffing her face non stop lol. She sounds like a beached whale begging for life , Dicky needs to have a word, or i fear grotbags will be dead within 2 years.

The most worrying thing about this video is, she say’s the baby has got a sore bum through having the runs…yet she still sits there filling her huge cheeks with more and more food and leaves the baby crying?



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3 Thoughts to “Krissy Can’t Breathe, Stop Eating, Or Stop The Baby Crying”

  1. poor baby :(. Cant understand why people eat and talk with the mouth full of food,

  2. Anonymous

    Got to say i found this video a tad disturbing.for the love of god how on earth could these two morons carry on with their conversation with that poor baby crying and clearly in some form of distress .I showed this video to the mrs lets just say i couldn't repeat what her verbal reaction was to the clip on here.Krissy and the nothing monkey should hang their heads in shame

  3. There is about another hour or more of that video and i can't once remember her leaving that chair. I'll have to play it through fully again, but to leave a baby screaming while she eats a weeks worth of food is just nasty. The thing is, there was a few of the UK Invasion in that cast, yet not one of them mentioned anything, classy lads them like.

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