Richard’s Got E-Rage

And it’s quite funny to be honest 🙂 Since his last two self produced embarrassments, he’s now trying to play mind games with himself. He think’s if he say’s something to himself enough times, he will believe it and all the shame and that feeling of being a total tit will gradually go away….

Only Dickster the great could post that after just making a fool of himself twice in two days, but hey, it gives us more lulz 😉
The best though is at the foot of his channel, remember, where his ‘DMCA’ protection badge was (chuckle)

The big give away of his anger is where he point’s out ‘how many times a day’ lol, he know’s that every time he makes another cock up, i’ll be there to enjoy it and it’s wrecking his head 🙂

Also looks like his bride to be has stopped buying him his Pro account too.

                                       Come on Tricky, surely even you can afford £6-7 a month?            

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