CaliVal Want’s Your Mixer And Your Money

We know from the other day that Val would rob your big one (mixer) if she had the chance, now it seems she’s also after your cash too, or Shezzer’s anyway:

I seriously wonder if she/he has scammed people for money before, i mean, it happens all the time, bloke looks at pretty girls picture, believes everything is genuine about the person, get’s some sob story, sends money to her/him/scammer then never hear’s from them again.

On a side note, i think it’s great that Shezzer gives 2.5% of his ‘wealth’ to charities, would be interested to know just which charities they are mind, and what is 2.5% of Disability Living Allowance these days?

One Thought to “CaliVal Want’s Your Mixer And Your Money”

  1. Anonymous

    So shez gives 2.5% of his WEALTH to charity.aye right shez we all believe you.he'll be telling us next that santa and the tooth fairy are real.and how long is it gonna be before he announces that he's been nominated for the nobel peace prize. honestly folks what a fudd (fanny)

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