Northern Up To Some Monkey Business Again

Poor little Dicky’s been getting all upset again and trying to get his picture’s taken off the blog hehe:

Now i’m not sure which picture he want’s taken off, because the only pictures that are hosted on Flickr are the ones in the slideshow and all of those are still there. All other pictures are upload to, so just what he thought he would achieve, i’ve no idea lol.

Don’t wish to make you more upset Dickster, but even if you somehow managed to get any pictures removed, everything is backed up daily in a cloud, so all we have to do is move the whole blog to somewhere like Iceland or Norway and there is not a thing in the world you could do to have anything removed, in fact, we could publish a lot more information there as they really don’t back down to anyone, not even any Government 🙂

But for now, carry on reading and weeping Dick, tally ho 🙂

3 Thoughts to “Northern Up To Some Monkey Business Again”

  1. hahaha oh dear, i thought Richy never visited the Blog

  2. Ha me too odd, he says he doesnt visit the blog but it is upsetting him with the pictures on the blog. obviously he is looking on the blog.

  3. Anonymous

    What a sensitive wee soul dicky is

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