Have The Invasion Killed LDR?

After having turned the UK Invasion into the shambles it became before it closed, have Shezzer and Dicky destroyed another social casting group? There seems to be nobody on any more since the boy’s started trying to get their grubby little mitts into Lethal Dose Radio.

What’s more, it seems they are spreading their paranoia and jealousy to other members of the group, remember the butthurt from Orale at Angie2013 being number one while he was struggling way down the bar?

Wonder how this went down the other day lol:

Menellie wiping the floor with the ‘famous’ LDR (giggle)

No casters since Friday (now Monday btw) no viewers… another fine mess Shez and the other muppets made 😉

2 Thoughts to “Have The Invasion Killed LDR?”

  1. Anonymous

    Yep everything they touch turns to shite, while we're at it i wonder what happened to the uk invasion, were they not meant to be the ones that were gonna take over VL always numero uno in shit….must admit that me laugh too.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry folks what i meant to say above was "must admit that made me laugh too" talking about the uk invasion can kinda numb the old grey matter in the brain lol

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