Shezzer Tries To Not Get Caught

Remember Shez saying he doesn’t visit the blog, people just let him know what’s posted…..
Ok, lets just review the situation. Now remember weeks ago, i explained to him that no matter what IP he uses ever again, it will still always show me that’s its him viewing the blog.

But the emptyhead obviously didn’t take any notice, so thinking he knows better, he uses his VPN, but tries to hide detection by using Google to send him to the blog, rather than coming straight to it.

Now i’ve hidden his real IP and his VPN IP, but as you can see, it still logs his activity, with both IP’s and what time he visited. Now you would think that somebody who’s working constant 6-2 shifts, wouldn’t be up, looking at this blog at 2.45am, even on days off, as that time would be their usual sleeping time.

Basically, Shezzers just not intelligent enough to even attempt to lie, so time to give it all up and just admit that you tried to blag everyone, but it didn’t work out, hey, we all make mistakes 🙂

Just you make more than anyone 🙂

2 Thoughts to “Shezzer Tries To Not Get Caught”

  1. Anonymous

    Is the special one completely lost it, i mean who in their right mind decides to go on a blog at 2.45am in the morning, especially one that he says he never visits. then again maybe he was sleep walking or strange voices in his head told him to visit the blog or is it just the fact that the guy's just a fuggn twat.

  2. lol, he'll still deny it was him. What they don't realise is, even when they visit using a VPN, it will still show up their original IP address. But he thinks, right, i'll change my IP with a VPN, get to the blog through Google and he won't know i've been looking….what a tit lol.

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