I Missed The Special One , Not Happy

Over the last 2 days i’ve been trying some new Linux OS, anyway, to cut the story short, i was busy re-installing this morning/afternoon and didn’t get back online till about 3pm’ish.

No sooner i logged back online and i was getting e-mails saying the holy one, the king of the dancefloor, Shezzer was casting. I just caught the last 2 mins of his cast, where he was telling everyone how great they etc etc. Gutted wasn’t in it, 3 hours or so of missed vids, screencap’s and lulz.

But luckily Shawnio was there and got some video of the ‘experience’. Seem’s Twiggy was giving everyone a guided tour of his dance studio (don’t laugh) and his mirror’s….check his dance and graphics studio here:


I had to watch that back twice for a couple of reasons:

1- Does he say he brings the local kids up there to take their photo’s?
2 – I got the first e-mail saying he was live about 12.28pm, yet surely that can’t be right:

You see, he works 6-2 and unless he works in his attic, how could he possibly be casting at that time?

Which brings me to the subject of his ‘work’ remember him saying this:

Well it doesn’t take a private detective to find out what automotive car companies operate in Coventry, that run around the clock. After my extensive Google searching, the only place near his address that fits the criteria is AutoGlass. So either Shezzer is fixing car windows, or using all this bull about working to try and explain his compensation money. Myself, i’d show my ass in Harrods if it’s not the latter.

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  1. Anonymous

    So the great sir prancelot is back casting from his attic oh sorry i mean his dance studio. i had a wee look at shawnio's video of the chosen one,got to say his dance moves still remind me of a drunk making his way home from the boozers after a heavy session on a saturday night…roll on the lulz

  2. He is working for Auto Glass, Filling cracks, by the sound of it, letting all the kids in to play in the dance studio

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