Love Is In The Air

Like finding your first love again, the euphoria of seeing that one person who made your heart skip a beat, and the coy blushing when the true love of your life compliments you…was great wasn’t it 🙂

Well those of you that have ever experienced those feelings will know just how much of a happy bunny Richard is now Shezzer boy is back:

Aaww, awesome guy, great friend, missing the ‘experience’ ( we won’t go into Dicky’s first gay adventure) but isn’t it lovely to see true love at it’s best 🙂

PS: Not too sure how the buffet munching Krissy will react when she see’s this, any flights from the US due anytime soon?

2 Thoughts to “Love Is In The Air”

  1. Anonymous

    Yep it sure sounds like shez wants dick and dick wants shez.awww bless them

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