Out With The New Shez, In With The OLd 1

I was only saying the other day that Shez seemed like a completely new person these days, not banning for silly little reasons, didn’t seem to be paranoid and was doing a good Mod job over on Ldr. I wasn’t the only one to notice it either:

But alas, it didn’t last long, as soon as some guest (wasn’t me) stated a fact about his buddy Dicky, the dictator style modding soon came flooding back:

Now, i can’t see anything there that would make that purge or ban worthy, but hey, we all know you’re not allowed to say anything negative about the Invasion lot.


There goes that ban hammer lol, the good old days are back 😉

Dickster saying we are irrelevant, yet goes running to every online company going trying to get the blog closed, or any of his pictures taken down, classic lol.

Then another guest, obviously never seen these dudes cast before, starts to realise what to expect hehe.
Nice to have you guys back, this is gonna be fun.

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