Welcome To ‘im Not Val’ But Really is

Now she knows people are starting to think twice about just how real ‘Calival’ is, she’s just opened another Vaughn account, but just as before, she’s not got the brains to even try and disguise it lol.

Ok, as you can see, i’m letting her know that her new account is known. Yes Val, this is me when i troll etc, i will always admit to it 🙂 anyway, lets see how she responds to further comments.

Well, she’s still insisting there is no Val in there, but the biggest giveaway is the fact that nobody else is interested about who Val is, apart from herself. Plus, it helps if you kind of pick a completely random new name and try and make your account look as if it’s been around a while, not like below:

You see, who else has a ‘thing’ for Miley Cyrus on Vaughn, who just happens to hang in LDR and just happens to be a newbie and knows Shez etc….

She STILL insists that there is no Val in the room, then goes full retard and does this lol.

Hehehe, oh well, at least you gave it a try eh Val 🙂

2 Thoughts to “Welcome To ‘im Not Val’ But Really is”

  1. WTF, Total Val, or is he now admitting he is victor?

  2. 100 % Calival, Smiley Cyrus or what ever other account they use. We find you Guilty Calival.

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