And As Predictable as dying, here’s orale

Ok, back to the green eyed monsters, poor old DJ Oracle sits in his LDR channel with Gibby, pondering what might of been if he had any clue on how to run a multi -dj channel.

Then, just to make him more pissed, he takes a look at the casters bar up above:

Then makes a statement that made me chuckle hehe:

Good luck with that Oracle, i mean, yeah, sure, there’s this hot chick who takes the number 1 slot within minutes of broadcasting on her own, so of course it make sense for her to ditch that and come over to hang with you, Larry, Shez, NorthernMonkey and CaliVal lol.

Keep on Giving Oracle, i genuinely think you are more deluded than Shezzer now 🙂

Credit to Jack Jones: For supplying the screenshots.

One Thought to “And As Predictable as dying, here’s orale”

  1. Anonymous

    Methinks oracle is displaying the same traits as the uk muppets. i well remember their laughable if not sad attempts to get evermoor to join their happy band of numpties, needless to say she politely declined on the invitation.

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