Does It Get Any Better

You know i think this girl is stunning, but there is always more to looks, often the prettiest girls are the bitchiest, so lets take another look at Valentine_


Can take being trolled.
Nice to everyone.
Good sense of humour.
Doesn’t take life seriously.


So as you can see, Val breaks the trend, and what a breathe of fresh air to Vaughn she is, i mean, look, this girl even drinks from the bottle…now that’s damn hot 🙂

Some of the snotty nosed blokes will be coming out with all the usual ‘it’s not very lady like’ bullsh*t, but i like a girl that’s a ‘mans’ kind of girl, and drinking Captain Morgan’s like that, she would probably leave half those type of guys under the table if it came to going for a drink.

Even after drinking, she still looks just as hot:

Alas, from beauty, back to the retards of the UK Invasion after this….

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