CaliVal Trolls Dicky

I’m starting to get the hang of Val’s dry sense of humour now and yesterday she was at it again in LDR.
The funny bit is the fact that Richard and Shez still haven’t picked up on yet, which makes it even funnier 🙂

Just in case you are new to the blog and are not sure who’s face she is talking about and may think it’s a genuine statement, here it is:

So yeah, you can see the dry humour now. She was at it again later on when Dicky boy claimed he’s got a woman (even though she lives thousands of miles away and they will never see each other)

That made me giggle hehe, even though she’s as fake as a ten bob note, she’s starting to grow on me now, you just have to get her humour.

2 Thoughts to “CaliVal Trolls Dicky”

  1. lol, everytime i see that picture of him, it reminds me of the skinny one in the chuckle brothers.

  2. Anonymous

    Wee dicky taking safe sex to the extreme or what, honestly what a fuggn tosser , but then again being that ugly maybe a long distance relationship is the only option that's open to him, kinda sad that innit.

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