SexyChrisWhile Come Back, Shez Pretends It Never happened

First off, it was nice to see Chris back casting last night, even if the cast wasn’t as happy as it should of been 🙁
Anyway it was Dickster who noticed it and to give him his due, he did say it was nice to have him back on Vaughn.

Notice the complete lack of any acknowledgement by Shez….bear in mind, Chris was number 1 on the top bar at the time, while Shez was down in 8th or 9th from what i can remember.

Now it seems i wasn’t the only one to pick up this, as shortly after, Shez starts to get trolled AGAIN.

Well, i bet nobody can guess what happened next eh…

A big round of applause if you were smart enough to guess that would happen hehehe.

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