FAO: DJ Orale

Now trolling aside and despite what some people say, this isn’t a hate blog, we don’t hate anyone, laugh at them being stupid, yes, but no hate.

So after entering LDR earlier tonight, you couldn’t help notice something wasn’t right with Orale, there was no hype, no dance music and he just looked ‘not right’

This was one of those ‘moments’ where you are just glad you trusted your instincts and kept back, instead of trolling, especially when all was explained 🙁

Man, that is f*cked up. For what it’s worth bud, i’m so sorry to hear that, genuinely. Not sure casting right now is the best thing, but hey, everyone deals with grief differently, so you just follow your instincts and take it easy man.

One Thought to “FAO: DJ Orale”

  1. Same here seen the cast also, and has you say this is not a Hate blog, Be Strong DJ Orale

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